Who we are

The Western Australian Primary Principals' Association (WAPPA) is the professional association for leaders of primary school education across Western Australia. 

WAPPA provides support, services and recognition to over 1100 members across the state to impact educational outcomes and strengthen school leadership.

WAPPA strives for the sustainable enhancement of primary education in WA through member support, leadership development and advocacy to influence educational outcomes.

What we do

WAPPA advances primary school education in Western Australia by supporting, developing and strengthening school leadership. We work towards this by:

  • Providing influential and progressive leadership, ensuring that all students receive the highest quality education.
  • Improving educational outcomes for government school students through:
    (a) educating and training school leaders to deliver quality education
    (b) providing professional support to these school leaders.
  • Initiating, promoting and encouraging educational research and investigation.
  • Advocating for education and educational excellence on behalf of school leaders among the public and key stakeholders at state, federal and international levels.

Our Members

WAPPA membership is open to primary school leaders (principals and deputy principals) as well as teachers who are aspiring to a leadership role. Members are given the opportunity to share resources and advice, build professional networks and collaborate on initiatives to enhance educational outcomes for their students.