On Thursday, 20 January, we held our '22 Welcome Sundowner at Ambrose Estate in Wembley, proudly supported by WAPPA Partner, OSHClub.

Once the Board meeting, an Aspirant PL event and the DG's Webex wrapped up, we were able to enjoy reconnecting with over 80 members from across the state, partners and other guests. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the start of a new year. As Niel Smith's first WAPPA event as President, he took the opportunity to introduce himself and the new Board for 2022. Including Dean Finlay (Vice President), Ash King (Vice President), Lisa Helenius (Executive), Mel Sutherland (Executive), Emma Bancroft, Donna Bridge, Barbara Bromley, Gary Crocetta, Julie Simpfendorfer and Ross Tamlin. Those in attendance also heard from Deputy Director-General, Jim Bell, and WAPPA's Manager, Professional Learning, Amanda McGovern. Congratulations to Karen Burgess, Kelli Kilmurray, Cathy Smith, and Caroline Booth, who were lucky enough to win a WAPPA PL voucher. Congratulation also to Petrina Bean, Principal at Dalwallinu District High School, who won a 3-day registration to the 2022 WAPPA Conference. We look forward to many more opportunities to connect with our members across the state in 2022.

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