After 45 years of commitment and dedication to the education system in Western Australia, we celebrated Ian Anderson's retirement as 2021 came to a close.

On Saturday, 5 February 2022, Ian's influential career was celebrated again by Edith Cowan University, presenting him with an Honorary Doctorate of Education. 

"Mr Ian Anderson is an inspirational advocate for public education who has dedicated his career and himself to leading, positively impacting, and driving positive change to ensure the integrity and quality of the education system, and to support those tasked with delivering it.

Mr Ian Anderson has served the education sector and its community with distinction, strength and integrity. His dedication to the education of children, to driving positive change within education and to help develop young people and support them on their educational journeys is inspirational and honourable. Through the conferral of this honorary award, we are delighted to recognise Mr Ian Anderson for his significant and ongoing contributions." - Award Citation.

In his acceptance, Ian shared the story of the legacy he hopes to leave in the wake of his retirement - "By the end of their Year 6 journeys, we want to see students who still have the light of enthusiasm and engagement shining in their eyes." His driving purpose within his education career was to ensure children left primary school with bright eyes and a strong sense of hope. Hope for success, hope for happiness, hope for fulfilment, and hope for the future.

Congratulations on this prestigious and very well deserved honour, Dr Ian Anderson.

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