"At one stage I had tingles. It was awesome. 
I haven't had that 'zinging' feeling all year - but I did today."

- Stephen Ivey, Level 5 Principal, Highgate Primary School

Social, Emotional, Relational Leadership

What an absolute ripper opening to the Webinar Series! The timing couldn’t have been better for Western Australian leaders.

Kristen is a dynamo. No wonder she consults all over the world. She lives and breathes her message, often citing this work she is doing with her team.

Some highlights from the hour presentation

  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast!
  • Good leaders make you feel safe
  • When you feel safe you trust and have an authentic connection
  • Uncertainty destabilises safety
  • Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress
  • Leadership teams should explicitly undertake activities and strategies to strengthen staff connection
  • Check your head noise – are you still deeply listening to your staff?
  • The principal must be the strong captain of the ship
  • The leadership team should all be visible leaders who are calm and confident
  • Calm and strong leaders reduce chaos
  • In amongst everything try to inject fun and humour
  • Remember staff, student, and parent well-being
  • In a space of high communication, try to narrow your eyes and focus on today, then this week
  • Above all, keep students connected and engaged

And what about you?

Have you connected with your network, collegial group?

Are you finding a quiet place and checking in on yourself every day?
Are you OK?

The series continues tomorrow morning with Andy Hargreaves!

Andy will be discussing Wellbeing in Schools: Three forces that will uplift our students in a volatile world.

If you haven't already registered, each session can be purchased separately. Don't miss out on hearing from Andy, Pasi and Tracy!

Register here.

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