Each year we see a small turnover of Chapter Chairs.

This year, however, we saw two of our more experienced Chapter Chairs step down, Steve Delfs and Luke Breman both deciding to hand over the baton to another member.

Steve Delfs, Principal at O’Connor Primary School, was Kalgoorlie’s Chapter Chair for 17 years. Steve was also a Board Member in 2011 and 2012, and a recipient of WAPPA’s Country Representative Award in 2008 and Service Award in 2016.

Luke Breman, Principal at Dampier Primary School, was Karratha’s Chapter Chair for 8 years. I clearly remember joking with Luke one day that the Karratha Chapter Chair role must come with the Dampier job, as he replaced me upon starting there, and I had replaced Barry Biddiscombe when I started there.

Joining Steve and Luke, in stepping down this year are Therese Gorton and Emma Bancroft.

Emma Bancroft, Principal at Collier Primary School, was Perth South’s Chapter Chair for 3 years. Emma’s dedication to the role was aptly acknowledged by her colleagues at the end of 2021 when she was elected as a WAPPA Board Member.

Therese Gorton, Principal at Kinross Primary School, has been a very active WAPPA member for 10 years and became Mindarie’s Chapter Chair during 2020.

Chapter Chair Champs

Steve, Luke, Emma, and Therese epitomise what we seek in our Chapter Chairs - A passion for education and the ability to convey the thoughts and opinions of their Chapters in order for WAPPA to better provide support, advocacy, and accessible Professional Learning, and ensure WAPPA, as an association, is relevant and visible in ‘their patch’.

They have all actively supported members within their regions when things haven’t always gone to plan and have ensured every member, has been welcomed and felt included.

I thank you all immensely for your years of voluntary service to the Association.

Without the efforts of people like this, WAPPA simply wouldn’t be as strong.

A list of all Chapter Chairs can be found here

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