This plan sets out a clear path for WAPPA for the next three years - to put a deliberate focus on members and membership, leaders and leadership.  We have listened to the voice of members during the development period, and as a result, have revisited our Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Pillars.

We believe WAPPA's point of difference is our unwavering support for members.  It is our ability to support you regardless of the nature or context of the concern and our ability to provide you advice, resources, professional learning, networks and legal support.  It is this level of support that members have come to expect from WAPPA over the years and it is the reason so many members value their membership.  

Given the current educational climate and changing landscape, the challenge for WAPPA now is to strengthen our support and ensure we are accessible, relevant and responsive to the diverse needs of our members, right across the state.

We have ambitious plans for the life of this document and I appreciate the 'proof will be in the pudding'. But if Semester One has afforded me one thing through COVID-19 restrictions, it has been the ability to reach out to as many members as possible and seek feedback, ideas and initiatives on what members value and what members want.  
As we look towards Semester Two and beyond, I look forward to working with the board, the business centre and members directly, to provide advocacy, leadership development, opportunities for connection, but above all, to Strengthening our support.

WAPPA Strategic Plan 2022-2024

As is always the case, I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.


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