New Members

Kaya. I would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest WAPPA members:

  • Matt Pinkard, Warriapendi PS
  • Jodie Van Der Zwan, Riva PS
  • Emily-Jane Russell, Spring Hill PS
  • Katrina Carnicelli, Pingrup PS
  • Jennifer Conwell, Onslow PS

In addition to our new members, WAPPA has also co-opted two Deputy Principal members onto the Board, for the remainder of the year.  Six members nominated for this process and the successful nominees were:

  • Rachel Dowling, Wellard Village PS (planning name)
  • Kylee Weadley, Denmark SHS (substantively Yakamia PS)

Both Rachel and Kylee bring a vast knowledge of primary experience and Deputy Principal specific context, to our Board discussions.  Kylee has previously represented members on an Early Childhood consultative group.  The appointment of Rachel and Kylee to our Board, is a strong step in ensuring the voice of all members are represented.  We welcome them both and look forward to their input and advocacy.


Advocacy & Support

Since my last update, I have attended a number of Network Meetings, individual member support meetings and a range of system meetings. At a system level, these meetings have revolved around the following matters:

  • Student Health Care Policy consultation
  • Teaching and Learning update
  • Capital Works and School Buildings 

WAPPA is also seeking consultation meetings with the Directors of Principal Professional Review, as we have fielded a number of queries in recent weeks regarding this process. Quite often these meetings are an ongoing series of discussions, feedback and consultation, so there might not always be concrete outcomes to report to members. If you would like to know details of any of the meetings above, or provide input into issues at a system level, please don't hesitate to contact me, or your Chapter Chair.

Last term we sought interest in the Manager Member Services position at the Business Centre. Whilst we have not yet replaced that position, I can confirm that Phillippa Berkhout, Life Member and friend to everyone at WAPPA,  has decided to retire again. We have really appreciated the last six months with Phillippa in this role and she will be missed at the Business Centre. Phillippa will still be attending this year's conference and other Alumni events.  We wish Phillippa all the very best on her most recent 'retirement.'  Thank you. 

In committing to our support for members, however, we haven't left any of Phillippa's work unattended. Our trusted Member Support Officers, Julian, Greg, Jan and Lorna, who work at WAPPA, have happily picked up portfolios that will now allow them to focus in on specific aspects of support and advocacy work for our members. Those portfolios include Collegial Groups, Coaching and Mentoring, Chapter Chairs and State Assembly, Research and Data Collection.

To further strengthen our support, we have recently changed our phone system in the Business Centre, so that your support calls should never go unanswered. This new system has already proved to be successful, as a number of calls have diverted to staff and myself out of hours, allowing us to provide help, when needed.

Membership Badges

In the last few weeks, WAPPA has made contact with all members who are due to receive their 10, 20 and 25 year member badges at this year's conference. We would love to see you attend this event at conference on the conclusion of Day 1, Wednesday 31 August. 

We are aware that from time to time, for a variety of reasons, such as leave, changing positions etc, some members don't receive this notification, when they believe they are eligible. If this is the case, please contact our Business Centre, at your earliest convenience, so we can look into the matter.

WAPPA Award Nominations

WAPPA presents a range of awards at our AGM and since last year, has given members some input in recommending suitable nominations for these awards.  This year, we are continuing this practice and as such, would seek nominations from members for the following:

Conference Registrations Closing Soon

WAPPA has received a fantastic response to our 2022 OSHClub WAPPA Conference and registrations are filling up fast. With only three weeks to go until conference is here, there is only one week to go now until registrations close. Make sure you register ASAP as we do not want you to miss out on this fantastic event.

Schools Plus Funding for Schools

Schools Plus is a national not-for-profit that helps children facing disadvantage succeed at school. Schools can now apply to receive up to $60,000 in funding for a project that will have a transformational impact on their students and community. 
Until 9 September, eligible schools will be invited to submit a simple application for the chance to receive funding for a project designed to improve student outcomes.  Schools eligible for support through Schools Plus have a value below 1000 on the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA).

Professional Learning

ELEVATE is designed to increase your personal effectiveness for leadership. We have increased flexibility and access to learning by ensuring the balance between collaborative learning with your cohort and on-demand learning when it suits you best. We are launching the series with three amazing bundles to choose from. 

Don't miss our on your chance to ELEVATE which:
  • is bundled for price value
  • offers flexibility in learning
  • is tailored to your career stage
  • provides learning content for a full 6 months
Registrations opening soon, look out for WAPPA Conference Special pricing

From the Field

Primary Principals Day Recap

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Fotoworks School Photography

Are taking bookings for 2023 so if you have a particular date set aside for your school photography day, contact Bree to make your booking. 


Woods Furniture

Lock in your order for furniture to ensure it will be delivered in time for 2023. Contact David or Kerry for more details.

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