At last week's OSHClub WAPPA 2022 Conference, we acknowledged those members who have been with us for 10, 20 and 25 years. We at WAPPA thank you for your long term support of the association and look forward to many more years of connection with you.

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10 year members 2022
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20 year members 2022
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25 year members 2022

Congratulations to the following recipients:

10 Year Members

Richard Allbury​
Jennette Armstrong​
Sue Ashworth​
Janine Bersan​
Caroline Booth​
Serena Brodie-Hall​
Karen Burgess​
Cass Cole​
Natalie Cook​
Jason Crofts​
Will Davis​
Vivienne Doig​
Vicky Fortune​
Alison Freeman​
Wendy Gallagher​
Therese Gorton​
Georga Gratteri​
Chris Hennessy​
Deann Jones​
Adrian Keenan​
Beth Kerry​
Regina Kroczek​
Susan Mann​
Paula Martin​
Anthony Middleton​
Russell Newbound​
Bernie O’Hara​
Ryan Pettit​
Fiona Philson​
Tom Quinlivan​
Jen Roberts​
Julie Simpfendorfer​
Barbara Smith​
Chris Smith​
Linda Toms​
Lisa Wade​
Andrea White​
Teresa Wigg​
Troy Withers​

20 Year Members

David Adams​
Jenny Bruce​
Sue Cuneo​
Marilyn De Rozario​
Felicity Dear​
Franca Dillon​
Rob Edwards​
Clive Emby​
Sally Herron​
Elaine Hill​
Jan Matthews​
Trevor Mitchell​
Tanya Uren​
Patricia White​
Shane Wilson​

25 Year Members

Craig Ashby​
Phillippa Berkhout​
Doug Booth​
Lee Brady​
Tom Campbell​
Len Christie​
Terry Coumbe​
Gary Crocetta​
David Dique
Shane Doherty​
Val Gray​
Lisa Helenius
Andrew Holmes
Geoff Hood
Peter Howse
Martin Humphreys
Steve Ivey
Garry Jones
John O’Neill
Terence Pestana
Shane Rutter
Lee Woodcock
Stephen Yates​