Rob Edwards - The Health Presenter who tells us ITS ALL ABOUT YOU

It was just what we all needed to hear - look after yourself first - it’s all about you. How well are we looking after our most important asset- ourselves? Where are we in the order of life ... third, fourth...we should be first. WAPPA had been waiting anxiously since 2020 to have Rob present his session which promised to include much fun and lasting messages... and it did.

After working for many years with cardiac patients, Rob encouraged us all to begin to learn how to be good at avoiding illness, rather than being good at recovering from it.

In the long game of life, we should focus on day to day, to be able to build momentum.

We should make investments into our own health - weight loss, increase activity, not too much grog, never smoke and eat more fibre!

In his unique and entertaining way Rob said “Every day we should BEEP” – If you were not at conference you may say, what is BEEP? To have a Big Easy, Enjoyable Poo! A BEEP a day, keeps the doctor away.

You should invest in your back, get enough sleep, exercise every day, eat heaps of fruit and vegetables, avoid sugar, drink 8+ cups of water every day. All things we know but perhaps we just don’t do. Make a start to invest in yourself. Don’t put it off. Do in right now.

Make a couple of goals. Tell someone else who can be your coach. Don’t procrastinate!

Rob says, “I can be your coach - just log into my site

There you will find a wealth of hints and tips. I’m with you 100% and would love to hear about your successes”.

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