As a WAPPA Member you have access to a range of support and professional services

Reminding you why you joined us!

Here are just five of the many reasons why that's a great idea!

Supporting you is our highest priority

You won't need to struggle through anything on your own.
WAPPA is here to support you anytime you need us.

Professional Support

WAPPA has experienced people you can talk to when you need it.

Wellbeing Support

Your wellbeing is important. We have programs to help you manage your personal and professional wellbeing.

Legal Advice /Support

We will support and guide you if things get difficult. We are here when you need us the most. (Ordinary Members)

Networking /Mentoring

WAPPA can put you in touch with Chapter members and Collegial Groups for professional support.

Advocating for you, personally & professionally

WAPPA is the influential voice of the profession for primary education in WA. Our strategic focus is to support and advocate for you and for the needs of all primary school leaders.

Individual Advocacy

Advocating on behalf of individual members.

Professional Advocacy

Working to successfully campaign for solution focus changes.

Strengthening Relationships

Ensuring open connection and communication with all stakeholders.

Inspiring you to achieve your goals

We do the hard work searching for the next leadership innovation
bringing you inspiring speakers, programs and events.

Professional Learning

WAPPA has inspiring PL to support you becoming a great leader. We have flexible delivery and PL on request.


WAPPA convenes the annual conference and other events to bring professional speakers, and more services to you.


WAPPA’s annual Awards & Grants recognises and supports the great work of our members.

Bringing you membership benefits

In addition to supporting, advocating and inspiring you, we continue to
form new partnerships to bring new membership benefits to you.

Tax Deductible Fees

You may be eligible to claim a tax deduction for your professional association fees.

TRBWA Fees Paid

WAPPA can pay your annual TRBWA fees (Ordinary Members)

Journey Insurance

WAPPA has you covered if you have an accident to and from work.

Partnership Discounts

WAPPA has partnerships that can provide you with discounts and benefits.

Your values are our values

We are guided by our six core values.














Because you share these ideals, you are a valued part of our supportive professional association.


Membership of WAPPA automatically connects you with two other national associations, Australian Government Primary Principals' Association (AGPPA) and Australian Primary Principals' Association (APPA).