A professional association for primary school leaders and teachers aspiring to a leadership role.


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WAPPA is committed to supporting excellence in education by delivering relevant, timely information and creating a connected leadership community.


Member Benefits

Professional Support

WAPPA has experienced people you can talk to for the right advice when you need it, to solve those unusual school problems.

Professional Learning

WAPPA saves you hundreds of dollars on your professional learning to becoming a great leader in your school. We have flexible delivery so in some cases we can come to you.

Wellbeing Support

Your wellbeing is important and WAPPA has programs and support staff to help you in managing your personal and professional wellbeing.


WAPPA can put you in touch with chapter members and Collegial Groups, for you to form meaningful, working networks and mentors, so you can be a part of making a difference in primary school education.


WAPPA convenes the annual conference and other events to bring professional speakers, information and other services to you in amazing settings with great people.

Legal Advice/Support

(Ordinary Members) WAPPA will support and help guide you if things start to get really difficult. We are here when you need us the most.

Journey Insurance

WAPPA has you covered if you have an accident to and from work with Journey Insurance.


WAPPA has awards and grants to recognise and support the great work of our members.

Partnership Discounts

WAPPA has partnerships with organisations that can provide discounts personally. Wills, taxation & accounting services.

Tax Deductible Fees

You may be eligible to claim a tax deduction for subscription to WAPPA as a Professional Association.

TRBWA Fees Paid

(Ordinary Members) WAPPA pays your annual TRBWA fee (or will reimburse you)

New members get a complimentary copy of each;

  • Brightpath Assessment Practices
  • Brightpath Information Report Ruler
  • Brightpath Narrative Ruler
  • Brightpath Oral Narrative Ruler
  • Brightpath Persuasive Ruler
  • Brightpath Recount Ruler
  • iStar - A Model for Connected Practice Within Classrooms
  • iStar – Poster Pack
  • Early Years – Defining and Clarifying Intentional Teaching, Guided Play and Child-Directed Play and Learning
  • Early Years – Mapping the English Australian Curriculum for Kindergarten / Preschool Students
  • Early Years – Writing Assessment (K - Year 2)

There are four categories of membership - view membership categories here.


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Interested in becoming a member? View the membership categories and download an application, or contact the WAPPA Business Centre on 6380 1755.