Ordinary Membership

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Ordinary Member Application

Open to:

  • Principals and deputy principals of WA public schools with a primary component.
  • Principals and deputy principals in acting positions, for over one semester, in a WA public school with a primary component (full membership for a period of one year).
  • Individuals who have held substantive positions as principals or deputy principals in a WA public school, with a primary component, but currently occupy other administrative roles or hold positions in district office, central office or on secondment.

Membership fee: 0.8% of the top salary increment at the applicant's current level
Payments can be made fortnightly or monthly

At no additional cost, Ordinary Members can elect to have their Teachers Registration Board fees paid by WAPPA.

Download the authorisation form here.

Aspirant Membership

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Aspirant Member Application

Open to:

  • Teaching staff working in Western Australian public schools with a primary component who are undertaking a professional learning program* to obtain the necessary skills and experience to become a Principal Class Officer.
    *The Professional learning program may need to be approved by the Board of Management.

Membership fee: 50% of Ordinary membership fee (based on level 3)
Payments can be made fortnightly or monthly

Restricted Ordinary Membership

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Restricted Ordinary Application

Open to:

  • Primary principals, primary deputy principals of junior schools in private schools.
  • Principals and deputy principals of schools working outside of Western Australia.
  • Directors and senior executive of the Department of Education (WA)
  • Principal consultants employed under the Education Act and who are not eligible for Ordinary Membership of the Association.
  • Ordinary members of WAPPA who are on approved leave for a minimum period of 1 year unless otherwise determined by the Board.

Membership fee: Annual fee of $230 (incl GST)

Retired Membership

Open to:

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Retired Member Application

  • Individuals who held an ordinary membership during their career but have now retired.

Membership fee: Annual fee of $77 (incl GST)