WAPPA Groups

WAPPA has groups and committees working to deliver our strategic objectives. They ensure relevance, inclusivity, transparency and wellbeing while providing channels of communication and influential voice

Chapter Chairs

Each WAPPA chapter has a Chapter Chair who is elected by their chapter members. They attend the WAPPA State Assemblies each term and work with the Board to develop the Strategic Plan as well as developing position papers and advocating for the profession. The Chapter Chairs also co-ordinate and host chapter meetings each term with members.


WAPPA7s is open to interested Ordinary & Restricted Members who are generally in their first 7 years of school leadership. The purpose of the WAPPA7s is preparing today’s school leaders for the future WAPPA of tomorrow. They are future focussed and come together to discuss and share initiatives, ideas as well as provision opinion, thinking and guidance to the WAPPA Board.

WAPPA Wellbeing Committee

The WAPPA Wellbeing Committee provide advice, strategies and support for the professional and personal wellbeing of all WAPPA members so that they may lead their schools and themselves, from a mindful and robust base. The committee provides feedback and advice to the WAPPA Board on issues around wellbeing.

WAPPA Alumni

The WAPPA Alumni is a membership category with the aim to ensure WAPPA Members who have retired are able to hold an interest still in education and actively contribute to support current WAPPA members in their school leadership journeys. The Alumni continue the spirit of loyalty to promote collegiality and strengthen ties between the WAPPA membership groups.

WAPPA Aspirants

The WAPPA Aspirants is a membership category of teaching staff who are committed to professional learning with the view to becoming a school leaders. WAPPA hosts Aspirant events during the school holidays for our Aspirant members so that they can further develop their skills and knowledge.

Collegiate Groups

Collegial Groups are groups of school leaders who come together generally once a term for confidential guidance, support and development of essential leadership skills in a trusted environment. WAPPA hosts a number of Collegial Groups and will also support the forming of groups with a structured introduction workshop for those newly formed. If you are looking for new members or if you wish to join a Collegial group call WAPPA.