The Western Australian Primary Principals Association, in partnership with The Department of Education [WA] would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of Rudy Rybarczyk to this project. Rudy has contributed his expertise and countless hours to ensuring the information in these modules accurately reflects the shared knowledge by the contributors.

We also express appreciation of the contributions made by the following persons to the production of these learning modules through either video interviews or written submission and comment.

Bill Mann [Former Regional Education Director, Kimberley WA]
Larry Hamilton [Regional Education Director, Goldfields WA]
Vicki Jack [Former District Director Education, Pilbara,WA.]
Edith Wright [Manager, Aboriginal Education, Kimberley, WA]
Tony Beatty [Former Principal Consultant, Kimberley,WA]
Michael Duncan [Former District Director, Esperance, WA]
Clint Glendinning [Project Co-ordinator, Rural and Remote Training Schools Project]
Joanne Allen [Project Officer, Rural and Remote Training Schools Project]
Rod Elmer [State Co-ordinator, Dare to Lead]
Barbara Glenister [Principal Consultant Mid West Schools]
Danielle Woodhouse [Principal, Dawul RCS]
Greg Tompsett [Principal, Jigalong RCS]
Ellen Tompsett [Teacher, Jigalong RCS]
Denise Milliken [Former Principal, Cosmo Newbery RCS]
Jacqui Becher [Former Principal Muludja RCS]
Amy Treadgold [Former Principal Pia Wadjarri RCS]
Mark Williams [Principal Wyndham District High School]
Roy Boyd, [Retired Principal RCS's]
Felicity Dear OAM [Principal Boulder PS]
Elizabeth Sorrensen [Principal Pia Wadjarri RCS]
Susan Barrett [Principal College Row School]
Lucina Cross [Former Principal Marble Bar RCS]
Dan Walker and Shirley Fazeldean [D/P and Assistant, Fitzroy Valley DHS]
David Callow [Principal, Nulsen Primary School]
John Mason [Retired Principal]
Parents, children and staff of Cosmo Newbery RCS.

The author wishes to also acknowledge that the framework for the Beliefs Tasks was adapted from Leaders Lead Online: ATSI. [Principals Australia]

The early support of Robert Somerville, former Director Aboriginal Education WA is acknowledged as well as the on-going support of Bruce Roper, Manager Aboriginal Education,WA.

The contribution of Leon Miller, Technical Officer WAPPA is acknowledged as is the valuable co-writing of Graham Pearce, Deputy Principal, Koondoola Primary School.

Michael Duncan's astute critical reading and comments are also very much appreciated.