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Course Outline

Leadership in Aboriginal Education on-line Learning will take the form of Six Modules


Introduction. Watch the introduction video.

The development and content of the on-line modules strongly supports the initiatives of the Department of Education and the WA Institute for Professional Learning in the development of a Remote Teaching Service School Leaders Induction and Support Program.

The on-line learning modules will also reflect the priorities in the Aboriginal and Islander Education Action Plan 2010 2014.

The modules are designed to allow leaders in remote schools to source the material in their own time with access to collegial support and content experts where necessary. Each module consists of a wide range of advice and experiences taken from latest research and current and past leaders in Remote Community Schools and the Remote Teaching Service. Current thinking on the imperatives for the enhancement of Aboriginal Students' achievements is also provided by the relevant Department of Education Directors Schools [WA] and District Managers of Aboriginal Education.

It is anticipated that the greatest audience for the modules will be newly appointed principals to remote schools followed by incumbents who wish to enhance their understandings and beliefs in working with Aboriginal Communities. As in all schools, there will be times when not all will go in the leader's favour, no matter how hard or how sincerely he or she has tried. It may be times like these that some leaders will find the practical and common sense proposals in these six modules to be a support.

Often leaders will be judged on how they dealt with a crisis. The six learning modules in this course will hopefully provide school leaders with the skills and knowledge to prevent these crises from occurring and for their school and community to enjoy a harmonious and productive relationship.

The modules are not intended to replace any induction programs already provided by various agencies. Nor do they pretend to provide all the answers. They do however provide some useful tools to use in various settings that leaders will encounter. . Participants wishing to undertake the study should intend to engage in all six modules in the order they are presented as the effectiveness of the Teaching and Learning strategies (Module Three) are very dependent on the richness with which the leader has developed his / her skills in the remaining modules.

Good luck!

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