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You and Your Community

End of year family night at Cosmo Newberry Remote Community School, photo supplied by Denise Milliken

This module will focus on leaders establishing and driving a culture of respect, trust and integrity between themselves, the school, its students and the broader community. The module has drawn from the experiences of past leaders who made significant contributions to the enhancement of student achievement in an Indigenous setting, from current leaders in the field and from expert advisory staff in District Department of Education Offices. The module will support the leader's educative responsibility with strategies for developing greater insights into the partnership commitments required to make up the whole in a successful learning environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school students.

Module one also comprises taped interviews taken from various persons in the field underpinning the key elements for discussion. Participants will have access to various links which will further support and enhance the objectives of the study.

The module will comprise three elements:

  1. Understanding Culture Based on Trust, Respect and Integrity.
  2. Engaging the Community through Communication, Consultation and Collaboration.
  3. Using the School and Community Partnership Agreement Resource kit.

On completion of this module it is anticipated that leaders will:

  • Understand the importance of viable and sustained involvement and consultation with the school community.
  • Identify strategies to assist the community and the school with building trust and respect based on a two-way process.
  • Develop strategies to engage the school community in the development of shared goals for the enhancement of their children's educational opportunities.
  • Foresee that community engagement is and must be a central part of each Principal's daily routine.
  • Recognise their 'sphere of influence'.
  • Understand and use the School and Community Partnership Agreement Resource kit as required.

Through the course of the module participants will be required to complete some tasks and activities to strengthen their understandings and assist with their future planning for a successful school- community relationship. Participants will be asked to reflect on their own beliefs and values and form a commitment to the development of high expectations and achievement in their schools.

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