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Building Relationships

End of year family night at Cosmo Newberry Remote Community School, photo supplied by Denise Milliken

This module has a focus on building relationships with your students, parents and the wider community. A former District Director was once asked what are the building blocks for a school to effectively achieve its goals for students and community. His response was that there were three elements...Relationships, Relationships and Relationships [Michael Duncan, former Director Schools, Esperance WA]

It will be noted that throughout these modules there is a great emphasis on this very aspect, from the Rainwater Tank analogy to the recommendations in the School - Community Partnership Agreements resource kit

The module consists of three parts:

  1. Building relationships between the school and its community.
  2. Resolving conflicts and misunderstandings which may arise from time to time.
  3. Understanding culture and the importance of Aboriginal identity.

On completion of this module it is anticipated that leaders will:

  • Understand the ways of and value of learning about their communities.
  • Be able to plan for and conduct informal meetings and conversations with their community.
  • Develop best methods of communication.
  • Understand the importance of celebrating community events.
  • Know when and when not to conduct formal business through an appreciation of community and cultural events.
  • Have identified and be able to implement effective relationship building strategies.

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