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Teaching and Learning

P-3 Classroom at Yulga Jinna RCS

This module will focus on your core business, Teaching and Learning. Besides an enormous range of responsibilities, your Remote Community School has, like every other school, the responsibility of creating an environment which will best service its main function, the provision for quality teaching and to enhance the learning process of your children.

The important thing to remember is that your school is a working school, a place of learning fist and foremost. It is a place of teaching and learning. That's what we're here for.
[Mark Williams, former Principal, La Grange RCS]

Participants will be asked what they stand for in education, and the teaching and learning processes in their schools. They will be asked to consider balancing the Managerial tasks with Educational and Curriculum leadership.

The module will comprise three elements:

  1. School Improvement Planning.
  2. Curriculum Leadership.
  3. Quality Teaching.

On completion of this module it is anticipated that leaders will:

  • Understand that many Aboriginal children learn in different ways.
  • Explore and develop with their staffs the intervention strategies required to meet achievement targets.
  • Expect that Aboriginal children are capable of academic achievement.
  • Identify and retain good practice.
  • Maintain a consistency and continuity of programs to enhance achievement.

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