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Connecting with Your Students

Family day at Cosmo Newberry Remote Community School

Connecting with your students, parents and the wider community is vital to better engage children in the learning process. You will be a member of a small, remote community and making that connection will be based on a mutual trust and respect. In answer to the question what are the three significant factors governing your successful engagement with the community and its children former District Director DoE WA Mike Duncan said Relationships; Relationships; Relationships.

This can never be more important than in a Remote Community School and its community. Essential to your strategies will be the issues of attendance and achievement, the two being so inter-related.

The module will comprise three elements:

  1. Connection.
  2. Engagement and Retention.
  3. Achievement and Data.

On completion of this module it is anticipated that leaders will:

  • Have a better understanding of the importance of how to connect with Aboriginal children and their parents / caregivers.
  • Develop strategies to better engage children in a learning environment.
  • Have an on-going plan to retain children's enthusiasm for learning and their desire to attend school.
  • Develop processes which enable children to value academic achievement as well as social and physical.
  • Have sufficient and appropriate strategies for sustainable behaviour management of all students.
  • Understand and use the School Community Partnership Agreement Resources kit as required. [See also Module One Part Three]

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