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Valuing and Supporting Your Team

In an isolated environment and a 'fish bowl' existence, the health and productivity of the team in your school is vital to not only successful academic achievements of the students but the well being of the staff, professionally and socially. In some circumstances Principals will be coaching newly appointed staff who may also be first year graduates.

Care of the individual and support will be fundamental to your staff pastoral care responsibility. You will be required to recognize the divide between professional and social interaction. You will need to know how and where to access support in times of stress and crisis.

Much work is being done by the Dept. of Education and Universities to best prepare graduates for positions in Remote Community Schools. [Rural and Remote Training Schools Project]

However, there remains the task for the Principal to build on these foundations with the staff and guide them through the early years of their professional careers.

The module will comprise three part:

  1. Coaching Your Staff.
  2. Systems, Policies and Networks.
  3. Duty of Care.

At the completion of the module it is anticipated that leaders will:

  • Understand the need for consistent, specific and shared planning processes.
  • Value and support new and re-located staff with mentoring practices and procedures.
  • Share with staff system and operational requirements in accountability processes.
  • Value and respect the contributions of Aboriginal staff members
  • Plan for and co-ordinate successes with celebration in a professional setting.
  • Be open and consultative with staff.
  • Be able to clearly articulate a personal vision for the delivery of the school's objectives.
  • Be provided with some guidance in dealing with difficult people. [See also Module Six Part Three]

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