Brightpath is based on over a decade of pioneering research at the University of Western Australia. It’s aim is to support teachers to use professional judgments. Leading Brightpath in your school ensures high-quality assessments in a range of learning domains. Brightpath is now being used widely across Western Australia in both the government and private education sectors and “uptake” in other Australian states has commenced. Brightpath is an excellent addition to your whole-school assessment toolkit.

The Brightpath software records and profiles the result of assessments and reports a range of formative and summative information to teachers and Principals. This provides an informed basis for developing teaching programs targeting the needs of individual students.

The Teacher's Ruler provides a scale that spans the full range of performances. By comparing their students' work to calibrated exemplars and placing them on the Brightpath scale, teachers automatically arrive at scaled scores which are comparable across teachers, schools, and over time.

Brightpath Teacher's Rulers - Original Design

Brightpath Teacher's Rulers - Extended Rulers

Assessment Practices in Schools

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