In servicing a broad membership, WAPPA's focus for professional learning will be developed across three key pillars:



Leadership of Schools

Leading Education

For schools to deliver an effective education they must be directed by effective leaders. The capacity of the school leadership is key for sustained improvement.

Focus: educational excellence and accomplishment; effective school theory and leadership practices; reflection, connection, profession.


Leadership in Schools

Leading the School

A shared focus on leadership and management is essential for schools to operate effectively and achieve their objectives. In order to achieve desired change a clear, mutual vision is essential along with a clearly defined process for management.

Focus: clearly defined processes; stakeholder engagement; allocation of responsibilities; monitoring; accountability; clear and purposeful communication.


Leadership of Curriculum

Leading the Learning

Schools are judged on educational outcomes, particularly around numeracy and literacy. School leaders influence student outcomes through promotion of, and participation in professional learning.

Focus: developing best practice across numeracy, literacy and assessment programs; Pedagogy Content Knowledge (PCK).


Service Delivery

Targeted workshops are offered across metropolitan and regional areas and can be tailored for specific groups.

Members receive special rates for workshops, seminars and products.

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