Former Google Chief Executive Officer, Eric Schmidt says
the best advice he ever got was to get a coach.

Leading a Coaching Culture Objectives

WAPPA's aim is to build a culture where every member is a coach; every member has a coach.

The objective of Leading a Coaching Culture is to provide every member the opportunity to become a WAPPA endorsed coach and to allow every member access to a WAPPA endorsed coach.

Leading a Coaching Culture Principles

  • Coaching is core business of the profession.
  • Capacity building should be undertaken by the profession, for the profession.
  • Succession planning is vital for a healthy education community.
  • Professional learning communities support and build capacity.
  • Collaborative support nourishes collaborative development.

Becoming a WAPPA Endorsed Coach

WAPPA members are invited to become an endorsed coach.

To become a WAPPA endorsed coach, an individual must have completed an approved coaching program. They will then be required to attend a WAPPA half-day workshop and sign a confidentiality agreement.

The endorsed member will be allocated a coachee for a period of time.

Please visit the Seminars and Workshops page for upcoming coaching workshops.

Being Coached by a WAPPA Endorsed Coach

Ordinary members are encouraged to take the opportunity to be paired with an endorsed coach. There is no cost to participating in this program.