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Brightpath Ruler

Brightpath Ruler

The Teacher's Ruler provides a scale that spans the full range of performances. By comparing their students' work to calibrated exemplars and placing them on the Brightpath scale, teachers automatically arrive at scaled scores which are comparable across teachers, schools, and over time.

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WAPPA PD on a Stick

PD on a Stick - NAPLAN

The mathematical literacy, content and proficiencies within a NAPLAN test with Dr Paul Swan

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istar cover

iSTAR - A Model for Connected Practice Within Classrooms

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 istar poster pack

Poster Pack


The Early Years of Schooling

Early Years

Four resources - order individually or as a complete set:

Defining and Clarifying Intentional Teaching, Guided Play and Child-Directed Play and Learning

Mapping the English Australian Curriculum for Kindergarten / Preschool Students

Early Years Writing Assessment (K - Year 2)

Mapping the Australian Curriculum Mathematics for Kindergarten/Preschool Students

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