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WAPPA PD-on-a-Stick offers flexible professional development that can be completed at the user's convenience. Each program provides a combination of short videos, facilitated discussions and activities, presented by a trained facilitator. 

WAPPA PD-on-a-Stick can be utilised by an individual or by a group. The learning can be completed in one sitting or may be broken into several sessions. The content can be reviewed or accessed as needs dictate and repeated as often as required.

WAPPA PD-on-a-Stick supports school leaders and teachers to access high quality professional learning around topics that are current and of high interest. WAPPA PD-on-a-Stick consists of sets of videos (each no longer than 90 seconds) that are supported by documentation, suggested activities and recommended resources. The sessions are designed in a linear structure, such that each slide is complete, and contains combinations of video, documentation, activities and resources. WAPPA PD-on-a-Stick can be used individually, with the whole school staff or a Phase-of-Learning team. It can also be useful for inducting a new staff member into agreed school practices.

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The first WAPPA PD-on-a-Stick program, the mathematical literacy, content and proficiencies within a NAPLAN test is available to order now. 

The mathematical literacy, content and proficiencies within a NAPLAN test

During this session, Dr Paul Swan will use NAPLAN test items to highlight good pedagogical practices.

  • The language used, and needed, for understanding.
  • Concepts being tested.
  • Which proficiency is highlighted.

Although teaching to the test is not recommended, teaching well will always pay dividends. Test literacy is important, especially for Year 3 students, who for the first time, encounter an assessment type such as NAPLAN.
Preparation is not only the responsibility of the Years 3 and 5 teachers - it is a cumulative responsibility. As such, NAPLAN test items have pointers to good pedagogy that can be leveraged by teachers. School leaders need to consider the balance of mathematical instruction within the school and teachers’ planning. For example, consider the balance between number questions and geometry questions in the NAPLAN tests. You may be surprised at the high proportion of questions with a geometrical basis. To help out, Paul has produced several overviews that outline the mathematics content behind each question. These overviews are available with this session of WAPPA’s PD-on-a-Stick.

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