Program Overview:

Mindful Meditation AustraliaLEST aims to inspire a workplace where school leaders and staff can experience improved job performance, relationships and personal wellbeing by making plans to deal with unhealthy workplace stress, anxiety and worry.

WAPPA's Wellbeing Committee has worked with Brayden Zeer, General Manager of Mindful Meditation Australia, on a program to support members with managing stress in their schools. The program has been piloted with great success.

The workshop aims to inspire crucial conversations around how leaders engage and deal with workplace pressure and provides mindfulness and meditation tools for managing challenging work environments.

This workshop will provide school leaders with the tools and support they need to challenge and change unhealthy working cultures.

In its essence, the program consists of a whole day workshop with a half-day follow-up for further learning and to celebrate and share what was achieved.

Who will benefit:

Principals, Deputy Principals, Team Leaders and Managers of Corporate Services will benefit from attending this workshop.

Learning Outcomes:

In this program participants will learn to:

  • Identify actual and potential sources of stress.
  • Learn strategies to deal with stress and stressors.
  • Understand that differing people respond to differing stresses and in different ways.
  • Appreciate the emotions that arise from stress− your own, as well as others'.
  • Create a culture of group accountability, so that everyone supports those taking responsibility for his or her actions.


Prior: Completion of a Survey.

Day One is divided into three parts.

  • Session One, is learning about stress and stressors in the workplace with mindful and meditation tools provided to address these.
  • Session Two , participants analyse and discuss the results of the survey (statistical results not individual). The results are used to provide general understandings about stress and stressors.  These will link to the five domains identified in session One. Learnings from research and practice, will be addressed in this session.
  • Session Three will involve participants writing their own 6-week personal action plan based on their individual survey results, the generalised results and any key actions they individually feel they should be taking. In groups of three, participants will then discuss their individual goals and plans with their new support team.

In between the two workshops, each new support team will coach each other to achieve their personal goals identified during the workshop.

Day Two is a half day to review actions and results and revisit the tools for managing stress.  The group will then discuss, and seek to act upon, questions such as:

  • What worked? Could be even better if …
  • Are you more aware of your stress and your stressors?
  • Have you been doing anything about it?
  • Is what you’ve planned feasible?
  • What needs to change?
  • What can you do to help others manage their stress?

What's included:

  • All workshop materials.
  • Morning tea and lunch Day one & Morning Tea Day two.

Total Cost:
Member Ticket: $231.00 inc. GST ($210.00 ex. GST)
Non-Member Ticket: $451.00 inc. GST ($410.00 ex. GST)
Start time:Tuesday, 08 September 2020 08:30
End time:Tuesday, 08 September 2020 16:00
Location: WAPPA
Presented by:David Hewitt and Brayden Zeer, Mindful Meditation Australia
Member Ticket: $231.00 inc. GST ($210.00 ex. GST)
Non-Member Ticket: $451.00 inc. GST ($410.00 ex. GST)
Start time:Tuesday, 20 October 2020 09:00
End time:Tuesday, 20 October 2020 12:00
Location: WAPPA
Presented by:David Hewitt and Brayden Zeer, Mindful Meditation Australia
Non-Member Ticket: $451.00 inc. GST ($410.00 ex. GST)
WAPPA Member Ticket: $231.00 inc. GST ($210.00 ex. GST)

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