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Western Australian Primary School Leaders For the profession by the profession


Who we are

The Western Australian Primary Principals' Association (WAPPA) is the professional association for leaders and aspiring leaders of primary school education across Western Australia. 

Our aim is to have the influential voice and be the respected authority for public education, providing strategies for school leadership and advocacy for the profession by the profession.

Our objective is to be the professional association of choice for primary school leaders with a genuine commitment to relevance, inclusivity, transparency, wellbeing and clear channels of communication.

What we do

Our vision is shaping the future of education through effective, progressive leadership. We recognise excellence and aim to inspire and be inspired by our members.

  • We support our members with services and benefits designed to ensure that no matter what you need or when you need it, we will be there to help you.
  • We provide Advocacy on behalf of our members individually as well as for the primary principal profession with the aim to influence change and work collaboratively with all stakeholders.
  • We facilitate events, conferences and workshops designed to invigorate your leadership and extend your thinking.
  • We provide high quality, professional leadership learning designed around Leading Self, Leading Teams, Leading All Learning & Leading Responsively. With delivery face to face, online, blended as well as whole school planning, we will bring you the most flexible learning available.
  • We recognise the professional achievements of our members with a celebration of service milestones the awarding of our Annual Awards & Grants.

Our Members

WAPPA membership is open to primary school leaders (principals and deputy principals) as well as aspiring teachers who are seeking a leadership role. Members are given the opportunity to share resources and advice, build professional networks and collaborate on initiatives to enhance educational outcomes for their students.

No matter where you are on your school leadership journey, WAPPA can help you.

We are on a quest to build a stronger inclusive membership, with effective connection, ensuring purpose and relevance of all undertakings for each of our members and the profession.

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