WAPPA’s Board of Management, policies and constitution guide the governance of WAPPA


Board of Management and Executive Committee

The Board of Management is responsible for providing leadership, strategic direction, good governance and is accountable for the financial sustainability and compliance of the Association. They act on behalf of its members and advocate for primary education.The Board of Management consists of the President, two Vice Presidents and eight Officers. All members of the Board of Management are elected by the WAPPA membership in accordance with Part 5, Division 3 of the Constitution. With many Board members in current roles as primary school leaders, these individuals bring together a wealth of expertise and understanding of primary school education and our members' needs.

Meet the Board and Executive.

WAPPA Constitution

Since the inaugural constitution was written in 1953, the document has grown with WAPPA. It remains the guiding document, outlining the rules for our Association. View our Constitution.

Minutes from Annual General Meeting on 4 November 2021

While we are proud of our history, we are excited to look ahead as we continue to enhance and support the important role our members play in primary education.


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