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I am not sure I really want to hear again, nor say, the terms to describe this year as being challenging or different or even unprecedented. I was chatting with someone the other day about (according to Mark Twain) there only being two certainties in life - death and taxes. However, we joked that now we can include change as a third element.

The WAPPA Wellbeing Committee, as part of their work, has developed a Wellbeing Mantra. The committee encourages you to print the mantra and place it somewhere prominent in your office where you can refer to it regularly. This version of the mantra is designed for you to use in your schools.

I have a close friend who only listens to reply and doesn’t listen to understand. We all know conversations take place between a speaker and a listener who (hopefully ????) take turns to both listen and to speak. We also know that being fully present in a conversation, as a listener, is paramount. In reading to learn more about the skills of listening, I came across the concept of non-defensive listening.

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