The WAPPA Wellbeing Committee, as part of their work, has developed a Wellbeing Mantra. The committee encourages you to print the mantra and place it somewhere prominent in your office where you can refer to it regularly. This version of the mantra is designed for you to use in your schools.

Please feel free to adapt the message to suit your school and your audience. The Committee would like to think that whilst not of the same level of significance as an Acknowledgement of Country, the mantra may none-the-less be regularly referred to, or even recited by, the school community.

Click on the image to enlarge it and print.

Your thoughts? ?

Mindful Meditation Australia (MMA) Breakfast

Thursday, 26 November 2020 07:30am to 9:00am

As one of our key WAPPA not-for-profit partners, WAPPA is delighted to support MMA’s next breakfast event.  The event will be held here at WAPPA and simultaneously be offered via a ZOOM meeting link for those who may be unable to attend in person.

The morning will include
  • A brief overview of the science of mindfulness and meditation
  • The benefits of mindfulness in the management of stress in children and educators
  • Simple, practical examples of mindfulness in schools and the benefits utilising a research-based best-practice approach.
Feel free to bring yourself, key staff and even any interested School Board members.

For further information and to register, please click here.
WORDS of Wellbeing

I was listening to a podcast when the speaker said something along the lines of:
“Don't let the theory get in the way of the truth.”
This led me to reflect on an allegory I use in my Fierce Conversations workshops – that of The Elephant and the Blind Men. In this story, each man develops a different paradigm of what is an elephant through their individual, tactile experiences. Each man holds their “own piece of truth” but which contradicts the others’ beliefs.  It is not until they come together collectively to really find the whole truth of the entity of an elephant.

How often in staff disputes have you witnessed protagonists firmly holding onto their view of the “truth” as the only possible version.  It is not until we live Covey’s Habit 5 – Seek first to understand and then be understood – that differing truths may be accepted.

What do you make of both sayings?  What shared learnings can you develop with your staff?

Collegial Groups

I still have a number of members seeking to join a collegial group. If your group is looking to increase member numbers, now is the time to let me know.
Shared from the Living the 7 Habits app:

You simply can’t think efficiency with people. You think effectiveness with people and efficiency with things.
- Habit 3: Put First Things First

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