I am not sure I really want to hear again, nor say, the terms to describe this year as being challenging or different or even unprecedented. I was chatting with someone the other day about (according to Mark Twain) there only being two certainties in life - death and taxes. However, we joked that now we can include change as a third element.

“Change” is our life. No two days, let alone minutes are the same, but we seem to live a pretence that our lives are in some way constant, predictable, and unchanging.

A plethora of opinion sits on google, however, a couple of “think pieces” I have found interesting are:


In a world of constant change, non-adaptive behaviour is the killer problem.
Expecting an employee to tough it out is wasteful and expensive and can easily backfire. In such situations, reports Towers Watson, employees “fear they will not get the support they need to successfully navigate these changes and therefore have a preference for stability.” Instead, individuals need to acquire resilience in the face of uncertainty. Resilience - the ability to bounce back in the face of change - is the starting point of adaptive behaviour.

The article cites three steps:

  1. Build Individual Resilience
  2. Create a Network of Empowered Teams
  3. Embed Resilience in Your Culture


What’s next? That is the question everyone is asking. The future is not what we thought it would be only a few short months ago.



How People Cope With Change
People tend to cope with change in one of two ways:
  1. Escape coping.
  2. Control coping.
Stages of Reacting to Change
Change can be difficult because it can challenge how we think, how we work, the quality of our relationships, and even our physical security or sense of identity. We usually react to change in four stages:
  1. Shock and disorientation.
  2. Anger and other emotional responses.
  3. Coming to terms with the "new normal."
  4. Acceptance and moving forward.
Your thoughts? ?
2021 Wellbeing Calendar

In a previous edition, I talked about developing your own school’s wellbeing calendar. Here is a suggestion for 2021 (from Virgin Pulse Global Challenge) which may spur your planning. Click on the image for a higher resolution pdf. If you have already developed your school’s wellbeing calendar for 2021 and are happy to share, please send it to me.

Words of Wellbeing
As we build towards the end of the year, with thoughts on reports and student progress, one of our more distinguished members sent me this reminder: 
The principal [teacher] who takes a child by the hand, takes a parent by the heart.

Collegial Groups

I still have a number of members seeking to join a collegial group. If your group is looking to increase member numbers, now is the time to let me know. 
WAPPA Wellbeing Mantra for Members

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Shared from the Living the 7 Habits app:

With the abundance mentality, we realize that giving a positive reflection to others in no way diminishes us. It increases us because it increases the opportunities for effective interaction with other proactive people.

Charge into 2021 with WAPPA, OSHClub and your fellow amazing leaders for an afternoon of collegiality, relaxation and reconnection.

Join us for a fantastic afternoon with delicious canapes, drinks and amazing door prizes. This is an event for everyone to enjoy.

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