President's Updates

Last week, we had over 40 Chapter Chairs and Board Members gather at the Tradewinds Hotel for our State Assembly. The two days were extremely productive, resulting in clear actions being developed to progress critical issues impacting members and their schools. We also began the process of formally reviewing the WAPPA Strategic Plan in readiness for our 2022–2025 plan.

I applaud your efforts to again ensure that the continuity of education has been maintained in your schools, with yet another COVID cloud to start the term. Not only that, but the work you have been doing in preparing for NAPLAN to begin next week has been huge.

Welcome back to term 2 and I trust that the majority of you did have time to rest and relax. Unfortunately for many of our members in the Midwest and other areas were impacted by Cyclone Seroja, it was a bit of déjà vu with the April holidays interrupted once again, but unfortunately, with much more personal trauma and loss also involved.

As we get closer to the Term 1 holidays, I am sure that you are well and truly ready for a break. It has been a busy term, with COVID still impacting schools. The coming holidays is time for you to rest, enjoy and reset for next term.

The State Election is now behind us and we start another four years with the Labor Government. A positive for schools is that there will be a sense of continuity in direction however we do need to progress our agenda for primary schools.

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