President's Updates

As we move towards the end of what has been a very different year, I trust that you will take time to enjoy the outcomes of your efforts during the next week. The work you and your staff have done is to be truly celebrated as you head into the well earned holidays.

It is hard to believe that we are already into week 3, and I am sure that you are extremely busy with the end of year business of schools whilst preparing for 2021. In light of this, I trust that you will take the opportunity to celebrate, with your staff, World Teachers Day this Friday to recharge.

I trust that you took the chance to rest over the past few weeks and are now ready for the home stretch of what has been a very unusual year for us all. With COVID-19 still impacting on the operations of schools, spare a thought for our Victorian colleagues who have just had their students return to classrooms after a very long lockdown. With increased hygiene practices and increased cleaning occurring in our schools, let’s hope that we can continue to stay healthy and enjoy the freedoms we do have here in Western Australia.

Time to Relax

As we head towards the end of another busy term, most schools are in the process of holding their athletics carnivals, whilst also juggling the restrictions still in place around COVID-19.Your ability to make things work, in the best interests of the students in your school and traverse, what has been a difficult year, is to be applauded. I trust that you have plans in place to enjoy the break and relax.

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