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WORDS Edition Three 2020

Our Members, Making a Difference
Aspiring Leaders
A Tour of Orange Grove Primary School
We Are Here to Support You
Attention All Aspiring Leaders
Positive School Culture
Mud Pools, Mud Pies, Mud Art!
An Acrostic View of COVID-19 at Woodland Grove & West Byford
An AGPPA Update
Life Members’ Lunch
Primary Principals’ Day 2020!
Embracing a Difference

WORDS Edition Two 2020

Connection Through Adversity
Embrace the Change
Zooming into Volunteering
Dirt Roads and Creek Crossings
We Are Here to Support You
Leadership Development Program
The Highly Effective Red Collegial Group
Leading in Difficult Times
Pulling Your Tribe Together
Thank You 20In Memory of John Laing
Becoming More Connected
Back to the Basics

WORDS Edition One 2020

Celebrating Diversity at WAPPA
From the General Manager
2020 Soiree
Celebrating Diversity
Stronger, Smarter
Beyond Diversity
Once Upon a School
WAPPA7s Mixer
Bob Hawke Gives WAPPA Alumni a Great Foundation
Work Remains on International Women’s Day
Regional Support for Our Members
WAPPA Member Support
Breaking Down the Barriers
Simon Breakspear’s Embedding Teaching Sprints
WAPPA Professional Learning

WORDS Edition Four 2019

WA Education Awards, WAPPA Conference, Awards & Grants
From the GM
WA Education Awards
2019 WAPPA Abacus Educational Suppliers Conference
APPA National Conference
National Matters
Celebrating our Members
WAPPA Enabling Innovation at Allendale PS & Beyond
Scribblers Festival
No Plastic Oceans

WORDS Edition Three 2019

Mindfulness Matters at Kardinya PS, Mental Health & Wellbeing at Ocean Road PS, Headspace
Minfulness Matters at Kardinya PS
What is a psychologically healthy and safe workplace?
The Nicholson Network’s Aspirant Leader Program
Libraries & Schools Working Collaboratively to Develop Literacy
Martin Seligman
No Plastic Oceans Project
The Daily Grind
When you ask for parent volunteers, Tell them it’s good for them
Mental Health & Wellbeing At Ocean Road Primary School
Wappa International School Leadership Certificate

WORDS Edition Two 2019

Early Childhood Education, Australian Primary Principals Day 2019, WAPPA OSHClub Golf Day
Strategic Plan Overview
WAPPA International School Leadership Certificate
Walker Learning Approach
Leading Languages in the Early Years
Blended Pedagogy in ECE
Today’s Schoool for Tomorrow’s Society
MultiLit at East Victoria Park PS
WAPPA OSHClub Golf Day
Real Education Reform or Teacher Bashing
Fierce Conversations
Martin Seligman Association Members Invitation

WORDS Edition One 2019

WA Education Awards 2018, Women in Education Leadership, Mindfulness at Gynne Park
Strategic Plan Survey Summary
Leadership Preparation Program
Women in Education Leadership
Learning Sprints
Woods Furniture
Lessons in Leader-Ship
WA Education Awards
Science Works
WA’s fi rst Epilepsy Smart School
Ignite Award
Women of Achievement Award
Mindfulness at Gwynne Park
Running the Reitrement Planning Race
Learning Studios Program
WAPPA Golf Day
Martin Seligman

WORDS Edition Four 2018

APPA Conference 2018, Awards & Grants Sundowner, Leadership Preparation Program
Leadership Preparation Program
Learning Sprints
David Nockolds: WAPPA Life Member
Learning Progressions: A shift in thinking.
Aboriginal Education at Cable Beach
The Banksia Hill Project
APPA Conference 2018 – What the MC saw…
Conference Highlights from our Members
Ewan McIntosh
Donalyn Miller
Visionary Leadership – Johanne Klap
Complaints Handling and Regional Office
2018 John Laing Awarded to Katrina Bonetti
Teachers Mutual Bank supporting the education sector
The Journey to a Reduced Paper Classroom
Wellbeing at West Byford Primary School
Virtual But No Less Real
2018 WAPPA Awards & Grants
WAPPA PL Graduates
6 tips to improve your P&C’s financial wellbeing

WORDS Edition Three 2018

NAIDOC Week at Kalgoorlie Primary School, EDvance ine the Pilbara, National Tree Event: Churchlands Primary School Go Bush
NAIDOC Week Kalgoorlie Primary School
From Outcome Statements to the Australian Curriculum and back to Learning Progressions
Ancient Culture Reimagines Science
EDvance in the Pilbara
Why don’t we ask the students what engages them in their learning?
Celebrating Career Day at Hillman Primary School
National Tree Event 2018 Churchlands Primary School
Chevron Pilbara Ear Health Program
British Columbian Education Insights from our tour
Igniting the spirit of discovery in your students
A Whole School Approach to Mindfulness
Developing Communication and Relationships in the Learning Environment
Life Members’ Breakfast

WORDS Edition Two 2018

School Community Engagement
Sustainable Palmyra Leading the Way, Meekathara's Shooting Stars, 5 Stars for Winterfold Primary School

Our Focus on Wellbeing
Flourish and Thrive at North Woodvale
Sustainable Palmyra Leading the Way
Bullying: No Way!
Shooting Stars
Queensland Study Tour
Just like managing money, well virtually
Do you have a late talker in your classroom?
Somerly’s Wellbeing Journey
Healthiest Canteen in WA: Winterfold Primary School
Falcon Primary School launches Champion Life
Positive Staff Tool Trailed in the South West
The Principal’s Position

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